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Freelance Casting

Are you looking for casting help for your next project? Marissa is available on freelance! Marissa has cast several anime, game, and original animation projects, and her casting always gets great reviews from clients and fans alike. With an ear for quality and a creative mind for selection of actors in interesting ways, Marissa guarantees a cast that you're both surprised by and delighted with, that stands out from the crowd and makes your project's soundscape truly unique. With a roster of over 500 actors that fulfill a variety of niches and many of whom Marissa has personally worked with, she can create a dossier of casting options for you to perfectly cover any project you need done, that she can also guarantee your director will enjoy working with.

For one flat rate, you will receive:

  1. Research time reviewing the production that needs to be cast, original voices, lore, etc.

  2. Auditions, self-run by Marissa, including creation of audition sides and monitoring of submissions.

  3. ​A casting dossier that breaks down all of your top options, Marissa's recommendations and thoughts on each actor she's selected, backups, and more.

  4. Contact information for the final selected cast.

Currently, Marissa is accepting casting jobs for the following project types:

  • Anime & donghua (Japanese & Chinese animation dubbing projects)-- and dubs of anime-style animation projects of other languages

  • Dubbed video games (Any game type, any original language)

  • Official productions of any type (even those I don't usually do, like pre-lay or audiobooks) that relate to franchises I have already worked on in the past

Some of Marissa's past casting projects...

Tell me about your project...

Thank you for your interest!

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