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*LAST CHANCE* Huniepop 2: Polly Bendleson - Signed Autograph Card & Phone Charm Bundle

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Huniepop 2: Polly Bendleson 5.5"x8.5" autograph card, signed by Polly's voice actress, Marissa Lenti. Comes with either a simple autograph or personalized message, if specified when ordering. PLEASE keep in mind that your item will always be personalized with a name, so if the item is not for you, remember to specify the name of who it is for in your custom message.

This special LIMITED RUN version of the print (with the old Huniepop 2 logo on it) will only be sold until all copies are gone! Then, it will be replaced with an updated version of the card. Get this limited-time item before it's gone! Also comes bundled with a phone charm. All phone charms come with bonus stickers!

We reserve the right to deny a personalized message request if it is deemed inappropriate. In these cases, your order will be cancelled & refunded. Thank you!

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