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COVID-19 ADVISORY: Due to the pandemic, I will only be mailing out orders biweekly to comply with quarantining practices. Thank you for your understanding!

Yandere Simulator: Genka Kunahito - Signed Autograph Card & Phone Charm Bundle

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Product Details

Yandere Simulator: Genka Kunahito 5.5"x8.5" autograph card, signed by Genka's official voice actress, Marissa Lenti, with artwork done by Yandere Simulator's concept artist exclusively for sale via Marissa's store! Comes with either a simple autograph or personalized message, if specified when ordering. Also comes bundled with a phone charm. PLEASE keep in mind that your item will always be personalized with a name, so if the item is not for you, remember to specify the name of who it is for in your custom message.

We reserve the right to deny a personalized message request if it is deemed inappropriate. In these cases, your order will be cancelled & refunded. Thank you!

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