Commercial Clients


  • Quaker Oats: TV Commercials (National Campaign - USA)

  • General Mills: Radio Ads (National Campaign - USA)

  • Southwest Airlines: Radio Ads (National Campaign - USA)

  • Air Wick: Radio Ads (National Campaign - USA)

  • Landmark Shops: Radio Ads, Cinema Pre-Rolls, & TV Commercials (National Campaign - UAE)

  • Subway: Interactive Kiosk VO

  • AT&T: Industrials

  • History Channel: Promos

  • Verizon: Industrials

  • Target: Internet Commercials & Promos

  • Walmart: Marketing & Automated Convention Announcing

  • Febreze: Internet Commercials & Promos

  • Frito-Lay: Industrials

  • Brother: Internet Commercials & Promos

  • ADT: IVR

  • Nikon: Internet Commercials & Promos

  • Samsung: Industrials

  • DirecTV: IVR

  • Skittles: Industrials

  • Garnier: Video Tutorials

  • LG Electronics: Industrials

  • Huggies: Internet Commercials

  • Pepsico: Industrials

  • Spin Master Toys: Internet Commercials

  • American Heart Association: Radio Ads

  • Scholastic Corporation: Tags

  • Overkill Software: Promos

  • Heartgard Plus: TV Commercials

  • Kohl's: Radio Ads

  • OpenText: Promos

  • & hundreds more!

Conflicts available upon request.

Character Roles


  • Gearbox: Borderlands 3: Moze

  • Discotek Media: Kemono Friends: Gray Wolf

  • Discotek Media: City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes: Saeko Nogami

  • Discotek Media: Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy: Mii-kun

  • Discotek Media: Hells: Wolfie

  • Discotek Media: Thermae Romae: Narrator

  • Crunchyroll: Konosuba: Legend of Crimson: Arue

  • FUNimation: Dragon Ball Super: Cocotte

  • FUNimation: Fairy Tail: Libra & Eclipse Libra

  • FUNimation: One Piece: Mistress Sadie

  • FUNimation: Attack on Titan: Junior High: Ilse Langnar

  • FUNimation: Black Clover: Risakka Ondell

  • FUNimation: Gamers!: Chiaki Hoshinomori

  • FUNimation: NANBAKA: Momoko Hyakushiki & Kuu

  • FUNimation: The Ones Within: Yuzu Roromori

  • FUNimation: Azur Lane: Atago & Z1

  • FUNimation: Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious: Ariadoa

  • FUNimation: In Another World With My Smartphone: Kohaku

  • FUNimation: Keijo!!!!!!!: Atsuko Yoshida

  • FUNimation: No Guns Life: Olivier Vandeberme

  • FUNimation: Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas: Toka

  • FUNimation: Chio's School Road: Madoka Kushitori

  • FUNimation: Actors: Songs Connection: Black Cat

  • FUNimation: Boogiepop and Others: Sawako Nakadai

  • FUNimation: How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord: Celestine Baudelaire

  • FUNimation: Arte: Darcia

  • FUNimation: By the Grace of the Gods: Lulutia

  • FUNimation: Assault Lily BOUQUET: Soraha Amano

  • FUNimation: The Silver Guardian: Nishikaze

  • FUNimation: Nichijou: Mother Aioi/Yuuko's Mom

  • FUNimation: AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue: Botan Arisaka

  • FUNimation: Hyouka: Kanda

  • FUNimation: ReLIFE: Sumire Inukai

  • FUNimation: Monster Hunter Stories RIDE ON: Melynx

  • FUNimation: The Quintessential Quintuplets: Otori

  • FUNimation: Trickster: Fumiyo

  • FUNimation: Divine Gate: Samidare

  • FUNimation: Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn: Nurse Samantha

  • FUNimation: Africa Salaryman: Crow & Turaco

  • FUNimation: SUPER HXEROS: Mogana Iwazu, Haruka, Minyarin, & Kiseichuu X

  • Sentai Filmworks: To Love Ru: Mikado Ryoko & Maron

  • Sentai Filmworks: Cutie Honey Universe: Genet/Sister Jill

  • Sentai Filmworks: Kokkoku: Shoko Majima

  • Sentai Filmworks: Bloom Into You: Rei Koito

  • Sentai Filmworks: Love Stage: Zao

  • Nozomi Entertainment: Aria the Animation: Alicia Florence

  • Anime Midstream: B't X: Teppei's Mother

  • Anime Midstream: B't X NEO: Shadow

  • Marvel: Avengers Academy: Thor

  • BANDAI NAMCO: My Tamagotchi Forever: Mametchi, KuroMametchi, Kuchipatchi, Gozarutchi, Kikitchi, & Orenetchi

  • Rooster Teeth: RWBY: Joanna Greenleaf & Oscar's Aunt

  • VRV: Epithet Erased: Stink & Cat

  • Echtra Games: Torchlight III: General Graye

  • Hasbro: My Little Pony: Twilight’s Kingdom Storybook Deluxe: Princess Celestia & Princess Cadance

  • Hasbro: My Little Pony: The Movie App: Princess Celestia & Queen Novo

  • Hasbro: Transformers Rescue Bots: Sky Forest Rescue: Dani & Frankie

  • Hasbro: Transformers Rescue Bots: Dino Island: Professor Baranova & Frankie

  • Saban: Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers: Akita Repulsa

  • Hi-Rez: SMITE: Intergalactic Chang'e, Spectral Blade Pele, & Eclipse Summoner Hel (Sun Guardian)

  • Hi-Rez: Paladins: Champions of the Realm: Goddess Lian, Dragoncaller Cassie, & Xeno-Buster Ash

  • Hi-Rez: Realm Royale: Seraphim Mage

  • Supercell: Brawl Stars: Nita

  • Supercell: Boom Beach: Cryoneer & Sgt. Brick

  • Lilith Games: AFK Arena: Ankhira

  • Huniepot: HuniePop 2: Double Date: Polly Bendleson

  • InXile Entertainment: Torment: Tides of Numenera: Matkina

  • Piranha Games: MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries: Female Ally

  • Frostburn Studios: Heroes of Newerth: Snow Queen Shiva, Hexa Silhouette, MadCat Madman, Mermaid Torturer, Big Top Benzi, & Azure Dragon Sapphire

  • Media Blasters: Rio - Rainbow Gate!: Cartia Goldschmidt & Choco

  • Shout! Factory: Valentine: The Dark Avenger: Zola

  • Deck 13 Interactive: Black Sails: Anna

  • YandereDev: Yandere Simulator: Genka Kunahito & Mida Rana

  • Pathea Games: My Time At Portia: Mali

  • Black Chicken Studios: Victory Belles: USS Mahan

  • Black Chicken Studios: Victory Belles: Mahan's Corner: USS Mahan

  • GalaxyTrail: Freedom Planet 2: Maria Notte

  • Pixelated Milk: Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs: Henrietta

  • Gears for Breakfast: A Hat in Time: Fire Spirits

  • Fsgames: 3on3 Freestyle: Ginger

  • Plaid Hat Games: Forgotten Waters: Li'l Gertie, Big Sally Brown, Helga Armripper, & Blacksmith

  • Aeria Games: Aura Kingdom: Shirayuki & Tsubaki

  • NeocoreGames: World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap: Battle Announcer

  • BadLand Games: Anima: Gate of Memories: Elienai

  • Seduce Me 2: The Demon War: Irene

  • & hundreds more!

Staff Credits


  • Discotek Media: Kemono Friends: ADR Director / ADR Script Writer

  • Discotek Media: City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes: ADR Script Writer

  • Kuma Telefilms: The Konodan Collection, Vol. 1: Executive Producer

  • Kuma Telefilms: This Boy Is A Professional Wizard: ADR Director

  • Kuma Telefilms: This Boy Suffers From Crystallization: ADR Director / ADR Script Writer

  • Kuma Telefilms: This Boy Will Be Called a Villain: Director / Script Writer

  • Frontwing International: Grisaia: Phantom Trigger -- The Animation: ADR Director

  • Team Kyochu Retto: The Island of Giant Insects: ADR Director & ADR Script Supervisor

  • FUNimation: Arte: ADR Director

  • FUNimation: Actors: Songs Connection: Assistant ADR Director / ADR Script Writer

  • FUNimation: Gleipnir: Assistant ADR Director / Production Assistant

  • FUNimation: NANBAKAAssistant ADR Director

  • FUNimation: The Helpful Fox Senko-san: Assistant ADR Director

  • FUNimation: Nekopara: Assistant ADR Director

  • FUNimation: Demon Lord Retry!: Assistant ADR Director

  • FUNimation: Cop Craft: Assistant ADR Director

  • FUNimation: RErideD – Derrida, who leaps through time –: ADR Script Writer

  • Sentai Filmworks: Bloom Into You: Assistant ADR Director / ADR Script Writer

  • Sentai Filmworks: Tada Never Falls In Love: ADR Script Writer

  • Sentai Filmworks: Kase-san and Morning Glories: ADR Script Writer

  • Sentai Filmworks: Armed Girl's Machiavellism: ADR Script Writer

  • Sentai Filmworks: Love Stage!!: ADR Script Writer

  • Sentai Filmworks: How Clumsy You Are Miss Ueno: ADR Script Writer

  • Anime Midstream: B't X: Assistant ADR Director / Project Lead

  • Anime Midstream: B't X NEO: ADR Director / Script Supervisor

  • Media Blasters: Rio - Rainbow Gate!: Production Assistant

  • VRV: Epithet Erased: Casting Director

  • ScrewAttack: DEATH BATTLE!: Casting Director / Voice Director

  • ScrewAttack: DBX: Casting Director / Voice Director

  • Rooster Teeth: RWBY: Additional Casting

  • Rooster Teeth: Camp Camp: Additional Casting

  • Rooster Teeth: Red vs. Blue: Voice Director (Selected Episodes) / Additional Casting

  • WEBTOON: The Ladder: Additional Casting

  • Black Chicken Studios: Victory Belles: Casting Director / Voice Director

  • Black Chicken Studios: Academagia (Trailer): Casting Director / Voice Director

  • Carbon Studio: ALiCE VR: Assistant Voice Director

  • 11 bit studios: Tower 57: Casting Assistant

  • All For You: Japanese Casting Assistant

Education & Training


Emerson College

BA Theater Studies Degree

​2010 - 2014


Took classes in professional voice and speech, public speaking, phonetics, directing, writing, audio recording, theater acting, film acting, and improv. Also contributed to the school's audiobook library via Ploughshares.



Voice-Over Training
Bang Zoom! / PCB Productions / Edge Studio / Soundtrack Studio / Lambert Studios / KD College / S.T.A.G.E

​2013 - 2020


Classes or workshops taken at various studios. Lessons included voice-over for animation, video games, ADR, commercials, industrials, promos, corporate narration, and audiobooks.

Voice-Over Coaching
Richard Horvitz / Crispin Freeman / J. Michael Tatum / Andrea Toyias / Kyle Hebert / Sonny Strait / Chris Rager / Dan Green / Dave Fennoy / Bob Bergen / Sara Jane Sherman / Everett Oliver / Bruce Carey / Marice Tobias / Collette Sunderman / Ned Lott
2013 - 2019
Coaching taken with various teachers as private lessons or workshops. Lessons covered voice-acting for pre-lay animation, ADR dubbing, video games, character singing, promos, commercials, & narration.
Singing Lessons
Septien School of Music
2014 - 2018
Took private lessons and workshops in singing and vocal training, with a focus on musical theater and character singing.
Musical Theater Coaching
Wendy Taubman
2009 - 2010
Received coaching in stage acting, improv, and vocal training for singing.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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